SIG BDX – A Can’t Miss Hunting Solution


SIG has come out swinging in the hunting optics arena this year, with the introduction of the all-new BDX line. The Ballistic Data Exchange, or BDX, is a family of range finders and scopes that work together for fast and accurate shots. Once paired, the rangefinder beams data to the scope, showing a holdover dot for a fail-safe firing solution. The illuminated dot in the scope is bright and unmistakable, and also features SIG’s anti-cant illumination dots on the left and right edges of the scope.

This would have been science fiction technology 10 years ago, so the absolutely craziest part of this is the price. The 3.5-10 power scope, with the rangefinder included, is only $839. The 6.5-20 power scope, with the Kilo2400 rangefinder, caps out at $1679.

SIG has turned into a force of nature in the optics arena, and the BDX family is a nice round out to the line. Hunters are going to be hard pressed to find a better deal, and guides can worry a lot less about missed shots now. This is going to make some serious waves across the nation.